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Large Crowd at Liffengren Land Auction


          Over 100 people crowded into the Draper Auditorium on Wed. April 12, 2023, to bid on the land and watch the auction of this Jones County, Buffalo Township land, only a few miles southeast of Murdo, South Dakota. Most of the crowd was from western South Dakota, with some from east of the Missouri River. Among the 46 registered bidders, five states were represented, with the Natchez, Mississippi, couple coming the farthest distance to bid on this land.

          Six separate parties purchased one or more of the eleven tracts of land. The popularity of the tracts was partly due to the fact that folks could bid on the smallest parcel of 40 acres up to the largest parcel of 380 acres. Some of the parcels were just cropland, with others as pasture land.

Tract 1, at $ 2650 per acre, was the highest price per acre. It was only 40 acres.  The largest tract at 380 acres was Tract 4, selling for $ 2000 per acre. It included Johnny Creek, desired for its beauty and hunting, as well as to pasture cattle. The 100 acres of Tract 5 cropland was another popular tract at $ 2525 per acre.  The cheapest tract was Tract 8, a pasture of 200 acres at $ 1650 per acre. The home Liffengren headquarters of 320 acres sold for $ 1850 per acre.  When the final tract was sold, the property had achieved an average price of $ 2,038 per acre for the 2305 acres.

Prior to the auction, the Liffengren family paid for a roast beef lunch, prepared and served by the Draper Community Club, who raises money for various community improvement projects. The auction was conducted by the crews from Piroutek Auction Service and Arneson Auction Service.

About Us

Draper High School ran from 1922 to 1977, and the grade school closed in 1996,

but this Auditorium has played host to many basketball games over the years. Still ready for a game, its bright blue wall mats remind everyone of the Bulldogs. The balls are in the closet, and the varnished wood floor is marked for a game. The historic balconies are closed for safety, but it’s great to imagine how much fun it was to view those basketball games from above. The 1969 Bulldogs were the first winners of the Jones County Tournament, and they must have had many victories on this floor. On this day, folks gathered to enjoy the Liffengren Land Auction, with some sitting along the sidewalls on the blue wooden 3-tier ground floor benches.

Liffengren Auction.JPG
ALiffengren tract map final.jpeg

$ 2650   Tr. 1         $ 1850   Tr. 7

$ 1925   Tr. 2         $ 1650   Tr. 8

$ 2100   Tr. 3         $ 2200   Tr. 9

$ 2000   Tr. 4         $ 2125   Tr. 10

$ 2525   Tr. 5         $ 1925   Tr. 11

$ 2500   Tr. 6


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