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Upcoming sales are listed below. Scroll down to find a summary of the one you’re looking for. At the bottom of the summary, there will be a link to MidwestAuctions.com, where we post our flyers with full sale bills. Click on that, and you’ll find links to flyers and photos are on the left hand side of the page. 

The year is starting to draw towards a close and that always means busy times in the auction business. We’ve got several sales on the calendar and more in the works. So keep an eye on our schedule, and if if you’re thinking of an auction, we’d love to help you make the most of it. To discuss what we might be able to do, please call Piroutek Auction Service any time at 605-544-3316. As always, more details of our upcoming auctions are available here, or see below for the highlights.

• Wed. Dec 3, Eagle Butte, SD, 1 PM (MT): High-quality farmland and pasture going up for absolute auction. We’ll be selling 456 acres with good access off Hwy 212 at Eagle Butte, in three parcels. It’s productive land mostly in corn and alfalfa right now, with 40 acres of pasture, also good hunting grounds for deer, antelope, pheasants, grouse and wild turkeys. Selling in three tracts: Tract 1 is 150 acres, Tract 2 is 146 acres of farmland and pasture, Tract 3 is 160 acres. Come see it on your own, or stop by one of our showings, Nov. 2 and 9 from 4 to 5 p.m. This land will absolutely sell to the highest bidder on auction day. For more details and a full sale bill, click here.

• Fri. Dec 5, Dupree, SD, 1 PM (MT): Great big land auction at the Pretty Creek Ranch. This 7,500-acre plot has it all and is one of the most productive and scenic ranches in western South Dakota. Great views, miles of trees along two creeks running through the property, extensive farm and alfalfa fields, a beautiful home and excellent barns. It’s also got corrals, a feedlot, indoor and outdoor roping arenas, and more. This ranch has been well-managed for profitability and is very efficient per animal unit. Lots of room for growing livestock feed or raising cash grain or hay for market. Also 743 acres of winter wheat and more acres ready for spring crops or available to be converted from pasture to farmland. It’ll be offered in 13 tracts, all of which have good road access, ranging from 221 acres to 1,582 acres, or bid on the entire place. It sits just off Highway 212 and right along Highway 65 near Dupree. We’ll have showings Nov. 2 and 9 from noon to 3 MT. Please click here for pictures and more details.


“We and Marvin were so pleased with your professionalism, planning and execution of this auction. But most of all for Charles and I, it was your honesty, integrity and caring that will always be with both of us.” Sincerely, Charles and Linda M.

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  • "I want to thank you for the wonderful manner in which you handled my dad's estate. I'm sure he was smiling at your kind words and the manner in which you conducted the sale. Handling an auction can be difficult ... but you and your family made it easier" - Karie B.

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